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Rebirth Arts would love the opportunity to use our creative and innovative workshops to help your dance ministry reach the next level.


Our workshops are designed to stimulate creativity, build confidence, and develop a love for the arts as ministry.


All of our workshops can be customized to fit the individual needs of our clients.


(Elements of Choreography)

This workshop is designed to provide training to ministries who desire to take their choreography to the next level.  Elements of this workshop will provide training in music selection, choreography styles, provide an understanding of formations and transitions, and even include movement that can be built upon for the ministry's next selection.



Dance Ministry 101

(Basics of Starting a Dance Ministry)

This workshop is designed to provide training on the spiritual foundations of dance as ministry, provide an understanding of the spiritual impact dance as ministry can have, provide information on garments, instruments, and their meanings within the context of dance as ministry, as well as provide an understanding that the ministry extends beyond the movement.



Ministry on Another Level

(Dance Ministry Development)

This workshop is geared towards a ministry that may already have a basic understanding of dance as ministry, but they desire to break through to the next level of powerful ministry.  Some of the key focus areas of this workshop include gaining a deeper understanding of the levitical anointing, understanding the importance of truly surrendering your gift to God, and learning to see ministry as a lifestyle, well beyond dance.



The VIP Sessions

(Leadership Development)

This workshop is designed for leaders of ministries to provide training and encouragement in the area of leading God's people in ministry.  Topics covered in this workshop will endeavor to provide strategies for effective leadership, allow leaders to gain an understanding of their spiritual authority, and provide the leadership team with tools that they can continue to use to build up their ministry.

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