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School Partnerships

Curriculum Options

Semester Classes

This option would allow Rebirth Arts to work with the students that register for classes throughout the school year. We would design a specific technique curriculum to offer classes in the genres of ballet, modern, lyrical, jazz, tap, etc.




The curriculum for our workshops can be customized as desired to meet the goals of our academic partners. The workshop sessions are designed to be 8 to 12 weeks in length, with the sessions meeting once a week.



Master Classes

The master classes are a one-time offering of a movement and lecture session. With the master classes, the students would not only get to interact and learn from our dynamic staff, but they would also have the opportunity to meet the members of the Rebirth Arts Dance Company and have the Company do a short presentation of how we use dance as a tool for worship and ministry.


Rebirth Arts would love the opportunity to bring our creative and innovative programs to your child development center, school, or after-school program.


Our intensive training programs are designed to stimulate creativity, build confidence, and develop a curiosity for learning and the arts.


Our intensive training programs can also be customized to fit the individual needs of your academic institution.

Intensive Training

The Rebirth Arts' intensive training programs were created to bring the Rebirth Arts expereince right to you.


Our intensive training programs provide our clients with the convenience of having our staff come to your location to teach our dynamic curriculum of dance technique, dance history, choreography, and conditioning.


Our intensive training programs can be designed to fit your specific needs; however, the programs are best suited for K-12 schools, early childhood education programs, and after-school programs.

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