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Dress Code

Here are the details on our dress code that you'll need to be prepared for our academy dance classes.

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Ballet Shoes

Pink leather full sole ballet shoes are needed for each of the following classes:


Pre-Ballet & Creative Movement


Ballet & Tap Combo

*   *   *   *   *   


Pink leather full sole or split sole ballet shoes can be worn for the following classes:


Ballet - Tap - Jazz Combo

Dance Leotards

Dance leotards are required for each Rebirth Arts dance class.


Dancers should wear either a black or pink leotard and can have their choice of wearing a leotard with tank, short, or long sleeves.

Jazz & Tap Shoes


Black tap shoes are needed for all combo classes that include tap. Tap shoes with buckles or Velcro are preferred to those with ribbons.


Black leather jazz shoes are required for all combo classes including jazz. Jazz shoes with a slip on design are preferred to those with laces.

Boys Dress Code

For our young gentlemen who will be joining us for classes, the following dress code should be followed:


Plain White T-Shirt

Dark Colored Sweat or Athletic Pants (black, navy, dark grey)

Black Leather Ballet Shoes,

Black Tap Shoes, or

Black Leather Jazz Shoes, depending on the class being taken.


Dance Tights


Dance tights are needed for each class.  Dancers should wear the following type of tights for the classes they are registered for:


All Ballet and Combo Classes -

Pink Tights


All Jazz Classes -

Tan or Black Tights

Footed tights are preferred for our younger dancers; however for ages 11+ footed, footless, transition, or stirrup tights may be worn. 

Trailblazer Classes (Ages 15+)

For our Trailblazer dance classes, dancers should wear a dance leotard or fitted tank along with dance tights and dance pants. Dancers can dance barefoot or wear ballet, jazz, or lyrical dance shoes, as required for the class.

Skirts & Pants


Dance skirts are allowed to be worn for any of our classes. Wrap dance skirts and pull on skirts are options to consider. Skirts can be in basic colors (pink or black), prints or patterns. 


Jazz pants are allowed to be worn for our jazz classes, Trailblazer classes, private lessons, and workshops.  Jazz pants can be full length or cropped.

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